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Website creation

Website creation

Creating websites for its clients is one of the main missions of a web communication agency. Our main task as a web agency is to create website interfaces, such as Go To Shopping, used for the promotion or sale of brands, products, services, etc…

To accomplish its projects, the agency must have strong skills in web development and graphic design. It offers a site adapted to the needs of the clientele in order to allow the success of a corporate communication and to attract a maximum number of visitors.


Website creation

E-commerce website

An e-commerce website is mainly an online shop to sell products and/or services.

Showcase website

A showcase website is one that presents your products and/or services without selling them.

Mobile application

A software dedicated to a mobile device. Similar to a personal assistant.


A site dedicated to the periodical or chronicle publication of articles.
Graphic design & web design

Graphic design
& web design

The graphic creation or design can be an image or a photograph. It is either created from scratch or retouched using graphics software. Graphic design is often conceived as part of a visual communication campaign.

The web design of a site is the actual design of a web interface. Our design of the website Chic For Less includes several tasks ranging from the architecture to the tree structure of the pages.

Integrate web marketing
in your marketing strategy

Web marketing is a necessary policy for the development of your company’s brand image and turnover. It also allows you to dynamize your network. It is also a means of disseminating information and publishing your products on an international scale. Web marketing has become a necessity for companies wishing to develop their communication and commercial strategy. It mainly uses digital tools, especially the Internet. It helps the brand to reach objectives not reached with traditional marketing. The ultimate goal of this digital solution is to increase the notoriety of the company and its products or services. Web marketing is also associated with existing customer loyalty policies.

The deployment of web marketing is entrusted to a web agency. This agency offers personalized services according to the needs of the client company. Its main missions are site updates, content insertion, site animation, traffic analysis, site maintenance and advertising campaign management. Our web agency helps your portal, such as Une Armoire de Fille, also to have a better positioning on search engines. To do this, it takes into account several parameters, including conversion rate, frequency of visits, basket abandonment, etc… Web marketing also allows you to make a good study of supply and demand.

The services provided by a web agency are thus very varied, to mention only SEO, e-mailing campaign, content writing, community management and content marketing. The agency also offers tailor-made support to each of its clients.

Referencing of websites

Content Optimization

Optimize the content of a website in order to improve and boost its positioning on search engines to attract the maximum number of visitors. The goal is to promote the consultation of the site, the gain of baskets and the attraction of customers.

Google tools

Google provides web agencies and companies with several tools to boost their web marketing strategy: Google Ads, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google My Business, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, etc…

Keyword strategy

Listing the keywords likely to be used by Internet users is essential for the launch of a website or a showcase online store. Several tools allow companies to find the right keywords for their communication campaigns.